Produce Sales, Marketing, & More

We believe that quality service and quality produce begin with positive, mutually beneficial relationships between growers and sellers. The hardworking people at Specialty Fresh pride themselves on the straight forward, honest, and transparent relationships between our sales team and our family of growers.

Sales & Marketing

At Specialty Fresh, we work with you—the grower—to sell your fresh fruit to wholesalers, retailers, and more. When you choose our services, a member of our team goes on your behalf to sell your produce to our list of established clients in the grocery industry. You receive the full benefit of our wide web of clientele. Rely on us to sell various grades of produce—from your best fruit on down—to all types of customers. The brand recognition that we offer is sure to boost and strengthen your sales.

Packing & Labeling

Most growers enter the industry for the joy of farming and producing wholesome delicious food. On the other hand, very few growers are excited by the prospect of then labeling and packing all their produce. That's where we come in. Depend on us for a full suite of packing and labeling services. We've formed lasting relationships with many different packing houses that expertly pack and label your produce. Every step of the process—boxing, packaging, labeling, and stickering—are done at the packing houses. Having consistent labels allows you to build brand recognition, thereby enhancing your company's growth and returns. We even have our own branding labels for any citrus fruits that we work with.

Packaged Product


Leave the logistical work to us! We can coordinate all the transportation of your produce from farm to packing to market, allowing you more time to work on other aspects of your business. Specialty Fresh contracts with carriers that meet the highest level of service and safety certifications to ensure your product arrives promptly and consistently every time.